Monday, December 17, 2012

New Book by Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead

 Introducing the new commentary by Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead: The Book of 1 Corinthians, Practical Christian Truth for Iniquitous Times.  

Corinth was an especially licentious city. The moral depravity that Paul saw at Corinth persuaded him to speak to the spiritual needs of believers in a difficult culture. It was essentially a moral cesspool and a debaucher’s paradise. It was akin to our modern day Las Vegas where divorce was commonplace, and resulted in broken lives for the new believers who lived there. It was indeed debauched since “easy” women roamed the streets. As our culture descends into deeper depravity with a high divorce rate, easy abortion and sexual immorality this book has  practical contemporary relevance.
  The First Epistle to The Corinthians  speaks to the difficulties of maintaining a Christian community in a degenerate culture including instruction on how to be “in the world” but “not of the world.” The apostle prays that we be led by the Spirit and not be conformed to the practices of this world however enticing they may be (Ephesians 4:1-5:17).

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America's Abortion Tragedy

In pondering the tragedy of abortion that has consumed our political process since the Blackmun decision of 1973 in the Roe v Wade case my convictions against it grow stronger day by day. We who oppose it rarely get to have an intelligent face-to-face logical conversation with those who favor it. The conversation usually descends to ad hominem attacks. All logic is abandoned.

Interestingly the same loss of logic seemed to enter the high court when the decision came down in this case. Their lack of logic and faulty reasoning trumped any sensible thought process. We saw the same faulty reasoning in the Dred Scott case of 1857, which deprived Mr. Scott, a black man of his God given rights as a man and left him as chattel in the eyes of the Supreme Court and this country. Justice Taney gave that decision. It took a civil war to reverse this perverse mindset.

The abortion advocates are usually liberal and find all comments regarding anything outside of their mindset to be racist. The liberals state that they welcome opinions and when they get them they are shocked and offended to find there are other opinions. Mr. Chris Mathews of MSNBC seems to be the current champion of the “racists are everywhere outlook.” This term, racist, has virtually no meaning any longer because it has been overworked so much by those on the left.

One tactic we might employ if given an opportunity is to show that the High Court can make poor decisions regarding the life of humans as seen in the Dred Scott case. Most would agree now that the DS case was a bad decision. Then say to them that the High Court made another one in 1973 depriving rights to the unborn.

If one can engage a pro-abortion individual with any success they will usually appeal to the rare circumstances of rape or incest as rationale to preserve abortion rights to all women. I can certainly sympathize with any woman who suffered the heinous crime of rape. An incestuous encounter would be traumatic as well. Consider the situation because here again logic and reason are abandoned for emotion. If a woman is raped the perpetrator should be brought to justice and severely punished for what he did, and kept from every doing it again. The innocent baby that was the product of a crime did nothing to deserve a death sentence. The baby dies to atone for the crime of the rapist. This is obviously nonsense.

There is only one person who has died for us and is our substitutionary atonement. He rose again from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. He will come again and redeem this world. Look for Him and comfort others with this knowledge.

Let’s pray that the Lord will open some eyes to prevent this crime of abortion.